Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Nets Return to New York

Get your red, white and blue balls. 

The incomparable Dr. J.  
Jay-Z confirmed the New Jersey Nets will be called the Brooklyn Nets in 2012.  Playing at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn will be a throwback for the team, which last called the Empire State home in 1976 when they won the last ABA championship ever behind the legendary Julius Erving.  

That was the last time the Nets won a league title.  Besides a back-to-back run of being the top dog in a weak Eastern Conference in 2002 and 2003, the Nets' stay in the NBA hasn't been too memorable.  However, the team has a legitimate top-10 player on the roster in PG Deron Williams and a talented C in Brook Lopez.  With an owner willing to spend money, the Nets may be a serious contender to land Dwight Howard in the near future. 

The move to the Big Apple doesn't guarantee success, but it could come with even more important results:  afros.  Hopefully, the Nets cement their return as a New York team by growing Dr. J-style fro's as some sort of chemistry-building strategy, similar to how some teams don't shave their faces during a playoff run.  It would not only make them taller and more intimidating, but also would be an appropriate toast to their history and a reminder of where they really want to return to: the top of their league. 

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