Thursday, October 27, 2011

Golden State Warriors Believe in a Throwback

A charity game, held by NBA star Matt Barnes, is set to take place November 5th, and the names of the participating players keep getting bigger.  Antawn Jamison and Gilbert Arenas weren't actually on the 2007 "We Believe" squad, but hey, fans need to escape the reality of the lockout.

So far, the throwback team is going to field Barnes, Arenas, Jamison, Jason RichardsonIke Diogu, Al Harrington and C.J. Watson, while the current Warriors will be represented by Stephen CurryMonta Ellis, David Lee, Dorell Wright, Lou Amundson, Charlie Bell, and Jeremy Tyler.

J-Rich was a key member of the "We Believe" team.
Man, that '07 team was scary.  Put Mickael Pietrus, Harrington, and a younger, quicker Ellis on the throwback team and replace Jamison and Arenas with Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson- the combined beard/swag power of that duo could bring an end to the lockout right now if they decided to reconvene- and you've got a group that ran over a 67-win Dallas Mavericks team.  Ridiculous firepower.  It's a bunch of long, athletic swingmen and wings who could shoot, slash, and post.  Don Nelson's dream team.    

It'd be nice to see B-Diddy and Captain Jack come out for this one, just to give the Warrior fans 2007 all over again.  Jokes about their awesomeness aside, those two defined "We Believe": Davis leading the way with his havoc-inducing drives and 30-foot 3's, and Jackson, the aggressive high-risk/high-reward swingman who wasn't afraid to take the big shots.  

I know these off-season games essentially become high-scoring, dunk-filled entertainment events, but what if they weren't?  "We Believe" would leave the current team with a mud hole stomped through them if they played a real game, as the current Warriors are just a worse version of the '07 team.  

If the November 5th game were a legitimate game- with only the confirmed ballers as of right now playing- I'd probably side with the Curry/Ellis team.  Curry/Ellis can't stop anybody, but they'd score at will with Al Harrington guarding the basket for the current team.    

Who wins next month's game?  The current Warriors, so long as Davis and Jackson don't enter the fray.  The younger team should win an up-and-down funball game, but if the big Baron and Jax show up, it might reinvigorate "We Believe," and make a believer out of me.

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